Monday, May 18, 2009

Rich Uncle Pennybags

The capitalist with the white moustache and the topper is Rich Uncle Pennybags. He even got a spinoff game: Rich Uncle. The current management now wants you to believe that his name is Mr. Monopoly. It isn't.

If you had been working at Parker Brothers since at least 1923, you could, in 1948, join this club.

As a pulp magazine reader, I was amused to find Walter Gibson, author of over 300 novels about The Shadow, participating in the 1978 "Clue" Championship, along with Isaac Asimov, Frederic Dannay, Brian Garfield, James Grady, and "others." The winner: crime writer Percy Spurlark Parker. I found this in the May, 1978 issue of "The Gamester," an in-house newsletter.

From the 1968 catalogue. I know, now you ALL want a Robin Hood minidress, lime green boots, and a giant red hand on a stick. I don't have them! I'm sorry!

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